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Essence of H2O

Surf photography captures the beauty and power of the ocean and the athleticism and artistry of surfers as they ride the waves. It requires a deep understanding of both surfing and photography, as well as the ability to anticipate and capture the perfect moment.

One photographer who exemplifies these qualities is Brenton de Rooy, a talented local photographer from Forster, Australia. Growing up in this small coastal town, Brenton spent much of his time in the ocean and eventually picked up a camera to document his experiences. His laid-back, easygoing personality is reflected in his approach to photography, but he is also a perfectionist when it comes to this art form.

Brenton's work was recently featured in an exhibition called Essence of H2O, presented by Panamuna Project and Sustainable Surf Collab. The exhibition showcased Brenton's unique take on surf photography, including his collection of double exposure images. Double exposure is a technique in which two exposures are superimposed over each other to create a single image. In the case of surf photography, this can result in stunning and surreal compositions that blend the ocean and the surfers into one harmonious entity.

These works showcase Brenton's deep connection to the ocean and his ability to convey the feeling of being immersed in the water and riding the waves.

One of the key challenges of surf photography is the unpredictability of the ocean.


The weather and the waves can change rapidly, making it difficult to plan and execute a photo shoot. However, this is also what makes surf photography so exciting – the thrill of being out in the elements and waiting for that perfect moment to present itself.

To capture these fleeting moments, surf photographers must have a good understanding of the ocean and the surfers, as well as the technical skills to operate their cameras and lenses in challenging conditions. They must also be able to anticipate and react quickly to capture the action as it unfolds.

Brenton de Rooy is a master of these skills, and his work in the Essence of H2O exhibition demonstrates his ability to capture the essence of the ocean and the surfers who ride its waves. From the power and beauty of the waves themselves to the grace and skill of the surfers, Brenton's photographs transport the viewer to the heart of the action.

Overall, the Essence of H2O exhibition was a showcase of Brenton de Rooy's exceptional talent as a surf photographer. His work captures the spirit and energy of the ocean and the surfers who ride its waves, and invites the viewer to experience the thrill and beauty of surfing for themselves. If you're a fan of surf photography or just appreciate the beauty of the ocean, be sure to check out Brenton's work and look for future exhibitions of his work.

Essence of H20
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